UEL: Rangers

The situation of Group G is very tense when all four teams are still competing for the first two positions to get the ticket to advance to the next round.  The situation will be very different for both the home team and the away team if either side wins.  If Feyenoord gets three points they will equalize the score with Rangers and if not Rangers will have the most advantage to go forward.

Feyenoord entered the 5th match with the bottom of the table, but it does not matter when the difference between Feyenoord and the top team Rangers is only one win.  Feyenoord's last match in Group G was a 1-1 draw against Young Boys at home.  It was a regretful draw when the students of coach Dick Advocaat took the lead in most of the match.  In the domestic league, Feyenoord is only ranked 10th in the table, but the recent performance of the home team is relatively good with the last 4 games unbeaten including 2 victories.  Welcoming the top team Rangers at home will be an opportunity for the Feyenoord players to regret because in the first leg Rangers won 1-0, but it was the match that Feyenoord had played more.  .  This is a match that the host is required to get the best results.

Across the front line, Rangers are leading in their league with 7 points in their hands.  But that advantage is not sure for a place to go because the gap with the following teams is very close.  The chances are equal, so with the advantage of being the most in the group, coach and coach Steven Gerrard must climb to the grave as quickly as possible.  In my domestic league, as usual, it is only a two-horse race between Celtic and Rangers, along with Rangers' recent performance is quite good, unbeaten in 9 matches in all competitions, including the victory of Porto 2-  0 of the fourth round Europa League.  Marching to the Netherlands to meet the Feyenoord players again, a victory for his greatest self-determination.  It will certainly be an opportunity not to be missed by Rangers although this will be an easy match.  

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