Vitória vs Arsenal

Ironically, the upcoming clash is unfortunate for Guimaraes when facing Arsenal, the top of Group F is against the team at the bottom of the table. No need to discuss when the difference is too big for Arsenal, Guimaraes will have to receive a terrible failure.

Just as what is in front of their level and what Guimaraes is doing is really too bad, they have not even got 1 point right after going through 3 rounds, only scoring 2 goals for themselves which is a very small number that they If they can do it, they have conceded 6 goals. Guimaraes' chances also ended here, now they are just dead bodies and Arsenal will win with how many goals that is the concern.

With what Arsenal achieved compared to Guimaraes, it is a complete opposite, despite having to be an away team but Arsenal will show a great performance with so much power and difference. 
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