WAFC vs Reading

Wigan Athletic currently has 16 points ranked 22nd on the English Premier League table when winning 4 draw 4 lose 10 scored 16 goals to concede 28 goals. On all fronts, Paul Cook's army has lost the last 4/6 matches, the last 4/8 matches at home. According to Asian rafters, The Latics didn't win the last 5/8 matches at home, didn't win the last 4/6 matches. With a worse performance than the visitors, excellent coach and coach Paul Cook will not be able to win against the Royal Family in this match.

The coach and coach José Gomes is in a better shape than the DW Stadium team in recent matches. Reading before this match, there are 18 points when winning 5 draws 3 losing 9 scored 19 goals to concede 22 goals ranked 18th in the rankings. Analysis shows that the army of coach José Gomes won the last 3/6 matches. According to Asian rafters, the army of coach José Gomes won the last 4/6 matches and won the last 6/9 matches away.

According to the analysis of the match at Wigan Athletic, it is quite likely that more than 2 goals will be scored. Specifically, 5/5 recent matches of Wigan Athletic, 7/10 closest confrontations, 3/5 recent matches of Reading have had 3 goals scored.

Confrontation history shows that in the last 8 away games at the DW Stadium, coach's team José Gomes won 1 draw 3 lost 4, 5/8 matches have at least 3 goals scored, in 2 last visit Reading won 1 draw 1. Calculating past 16 matches, Wigan Athletic won 7 draws 4 lost 5, 10/16 matches ended with more than 2 goals scored, counting only 4 times nearest head Wigan Athletic draw 1 lose 3.  

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