West Ham vs NUFC

The start of the Premier League 2019/20 saw a West Ham play filled with discomfort.  They won successive victories, especially in which they defeated Manchester United.  At that time, the fans of this team really lived in the feeling of indescribable happiness.

However, that did not last too long.  West Ham increasingly exposed the fatal weaknesses, besides their play is not as effective as before.  This led to a series of 5 matches and lost over the "Hammer".

At such a difficult time, West Ham clearly need a victory to dispel the haze that is clinging to them.  And the upcoming Newcastle meeting will be a better opportunity.

West Ham may not be playing well, but that rarely happens when they play at the London Stadium.  Besides, Mr. Pellegrini's teachers and students are also the names that are superior to Newscaslte, when in the last 3 matches the two teams faced each other, the victory belongs to West Ham.

And Newcastle, the play of this team has not shown the necessary improvement in the past.  Still defending concrete filled negatively, without any noticeable lines.

In the last 5 matches, "Choe" has only received 7 goals, but the number of goals has only stopped 1 goal.  This is the disadvantage of Mr. Bruce's army in the coming West Ham.

West Ham have enough determination, class and home advantage to win the match against the upcoming Newcaslte. 

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