West Ham vs THFC

Tottenham are showing a disappointing face this season.  Although the Premier League has gone one-third of the way it is currently the Rooster is only ranked at No. 14 on the table, they are inferior to the top 4 of 11 points, so the trip to come here on their home turf  West Ham players will be the opportunity for Rooster back into orbit to hope for a ticket to the European Cup next season.

West Ham are going through an extremely bad period this season when they have not been able to get 3 points completely after the last 7 rounds.  In the previous match, Manuel Pellegrini's army received a 3-0 defeat against hosts Burnley, Ashley Barnes opened the scoring for the host when the game was only past the 10th minute, then the defense was loose.  West Ham's loose once again made a serious mistake for Chris Wood to raise the score to 2-0 when the first half nearly ended.  It looked like having to receive 2 goals will make the defense of the team from London awaken but the own goal of Roberto Jimenez Gago's goal made West Ham collapse, and it was also a goal.  number one day West Ham was unable to do anything before a tight and scientific Burnley.  The home record also makes West Ham fans nervous when they have to confront Roosters coming here because the last 3 matches they can only win 1 point.

The English Premier League horses in previous seasons are beginning to decline in a confusing way this season, they lost to the under-rated players like Brighton with 3 goals not removed and recently they have received consecutively.  2 disappointing draws against Sheffield United and Everton with the same score 1-1.  Attacking is a weakness for Tottenham when they have only 18 goals in the past 12 rounds of the Premier League but Harry Kane is still a rare bright spot when he has 5 goals.  The lack of cohesion in the midfield is the main reason for their bad results because because when Dele Alli is showing signs of decline, Eriksen only left disappointments for the Rooster fans.  .  Therefore, the coming match against West Ham will be a very good opportunity for Mauricio Pochettino and the students to win the first victory after the last 5 rounds.  
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