Wigan vs Brentford

Wigan lost 2/6 times against Brentford in the English Premier League from 2014 to the present, but are unbeaten against their opponents at home DW. Last season, the two teams split points in the match without appearing goals with the away team handicapping 0-0.5 left. Currently, the two teams are 7 steps and 6 points apart in the English Premier League 2019-20 rankings. Wigan came in 20th with 3 points more than the relegation group, while Brentford, though ranked 13th, was not too far behind in the competition group. Obviously, although having to be a guest, the opponent's handicap is up to 0.5 left, highly appreciated the representative of London. At that time, there was absolutely confidence in their ability to win 3 points out of this match.

Wigan lost to the last 4/7 matches, but in fact lost only 1/5 of their recent home matches. They even won 10 points in the last 5 matches at DW. However, the last time they were accepted here, this team lost 0-2 quite easily against Leeds United. Meanwhile, Brentford's performance is statistically quite good when winning up to 3/4 of the last match, including the last 2 away matches. When away from home, The Bees won the nearest 9/12 points in the English First Division. Their problem right now is the lack of stability. Brentford just lost 0-1 to Huddersfield at home and missed the chance to reach the top group. However, it has been said that Brentford's recent away results are really good, and there is still room for believing in their ability to win the match now.

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