Yeovil vs Hartlepool

Turning the past, Yeovil Town has never been a worthy rival of Hartlepool United. The evidence is in the last 6 competitions between the two teams, Yeovil Town has never once enjoyed the joy of winning and received up to 4 defeats.

However, it is a time when Yeovil Town are very high style. The team under the direction of coach Darren Sarll won 10 victories in the last 13 appearances.

In the British 5th Division, they are also sluggish in 2nd place, which is ranked 11 places above Hartlepool. Obviously, it was not without reason that the Asian bookie Yeovil Town accepted the ball with a lower score in this match.

Especially when Hartlepool was showing a rather disappointed face when he did not win both of the past matches. Specifically, after Notts County took the score with 2-2, in the latest match, the team, under the guidance of coach Antony Sweeney, lost 0-1 at home against Solihull Moors. With better form and the advantage of the yard, Yeovil Town will win tickets to the second round of the FA Cup.  

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