Under the new coach Ljungberg, Arsenal has not shown positive signs. Despite playing more openly and openly in the first match under the direction of Ljungberg, they only got a draw against Norwich. They can not improve the certainty in defense and ideas in attack. The Gunners current squad is not too good, not only the defense is bad, Arsenal's attack is not overestimated because apart from Aubameyang and Lacazette are playing well, the other names are not too good quality. , meanwhile, Ozil has not maintained the same form as when he first appeared at the Emirates

All of these problems caused Arsenal to go through a series of extremely poor matches. They have not won in the last 8 matches in all competitions, including 6 matches conceding at least 2 goals or more. Particularly in the Premier League, the Gunner has only 4 wins, 7 draws and 3 losses, thereby obtaining 19 points and being ranked 8th on the table, an achievement that cannot make people satisfied with a Big Six's big team. Obviously, they will have to work hard in the next round if they want to compete for a place in the European Cup next season. In the next match, Arsenal will welcome Brighton at home. They have not won 4 games in a row at the Emirates, so there is not too much confidence in the Gunners in this welcome.

On the other side, Brighton is also sinking in a series of poor matches with 3 consecutive defeats in the past rounds. One of the reasons for this is Brighton's constant confrontation with very strong names like Man United, Leicester City and especially Liverpool. In essence, Brighton has never jumped out since they went up to play in the Premier League and they often just hang around with the goal of relegation. Even last season, they only did this until the last round. This season is not much better than the previous one, but teachers and coach Graham Potter has only 15 points and ranked 16th in the rankings, 3 points better than the red light group.

Arsenal's away visit promises a lot of thunderstorms for Brighton. The visitors lost 5 and drew 1 in all 6 marches, regardless of whether the opponent was strong or weak, the victory never smiled at them when away from home. Although Arsenal are facing many problems of their own, with the flimsyness in the game and the weak face of Brighton away from home, Arsenal is still the more appreciated team. Not to mention, fans are still hoping for the prosperity of Arsenal under the guidance of interim coach Ljungberg. Although it will be quite difficult, but you can still believe in a victory for the Emirates team in this round.

Despite poor performance, Arsenal's attack still scored steadily through each match. Especially in the previous match, you can feel more openness in their play. The problem is that the defense of the London team is conceding too much. On the other side, Brighton's defensive ability is also not appreciated. In the last 3 games, they have conceded 2-3 goals per game. These things open up the scenario of many goals for the coming confrontation between them, so with a 3-goal rafter , it is possible to invest in the door.