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Bournemouth used to have a good start to the season under Eddie Howe - one of the highly rated coaches in the Premier League. Even this team has a period still in the top and only behind Liverpool and Man Ccity. However, Bournemouth did not maintain that stability, they repeatedly dropped the score regrettably and increasingly declined in competition. After a minimum 1 - 0 victory over Manchester United, Bournemouth has experienced 4 consecutive defeats and conceded 8 times. Thus, after 15 matches, they only get all 16 points with 4 wins, 2 draws and 9 losses, thereby having to rank 12th in the rankings.

The performances of Bournemouth last time caused many disappointments. They even did not do well even before the level teams like Newcastle. Obviously, if the situation is not improved soon, this team could completely fall into the relegation battle. Bournemouth's home performance is quite good with the last 6 consecutive welcoming visits unbeaten, including 5 wins. However, the challenge this time is different when the visitor is a Liverpool who is monopolizing the top position with extremely uplifting form.

Successive victories are putting Liverpool high on the table. They still firmly ranked first with 43 points after 15 rounds with a gap of 8 points compared to the team behind, even surpassing the rival Man City to 11 points. In addition to the draw with Man Utd, Liverpool won the remaining 14 matches, and scored with 37 goals. Although still in very good shape, there are still physical problems in Liverpool. The match against Brighton has shown signs of the physical decline of the Champions League champion. Statistics show that, in the last 8 matches of Liverpool in the Premier League, up to 7 games, they only beat the opponent with a goal difference. Moreover, before Aston Villa or Crystal Palace, Liverpool also had to wait until the last minute to win.

Liverpool's defense and defense are both having certain problems. In Klopp's attacking trio, only Sadio Mane is still able to maintain his high level. And the defense is not as good as last season. After 15 rounds, The Kop only got 2 clean sheets. Obviously, the absence of the number 1 goalkeeper Alisson has greatly affected the defensive strength of the Red Brigade. In this situation, Liverpool, although still firmly in the hands of victory over Bournemouth, but that high probability will not be a gap victory. So with the football tonight, it is safer to put in the landlord's door.

In addition, Bournemouth is originally an offensive team, so their matches often have many goals scored. In this match, Bournemouth can score against Liverpool, while Liverpool will also have many goals. Remember, The Kop have hit the net against Bournemouth 16 times in the last 5 times the two teams clashed. The door is brighter at this market and it is the optimal investment plan for the player.