Andy Ruiz vs. Anthony Joshua - The Official Weighing

The first impression seldom deceives.  A noticeably easier Anthony Joshua actually weighed more than five kilos less in his rematch against Andy Ruiz Jr., than at the first meeting of the two on June 1 at New York's Madison Square Garden.  The Englishman Anthony Joshua weighed exactly 107.5 kilos at the Official Weighing for the Rematch on Saturday night in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia.  This confirmed the impression that the experts already had during the official training two days ago that Joshua has significantly reduced his weight.

The 1.98 meter tall Joshua weighed the day before his first fight with Ruiz when he lost his four world championship belts on lap 1 at tKO's Madison Square Garden in New York on lap seven, still 112.4  Kilo.

The also 3-year-old, 1.88-meter-tall Andy Ruiz weighed exactly 128.4 kilos at today's official weighing and thus almost seven kilos more than half a year ago, when he beat the four titles of IBF against Anthony Joshau after four rainstorms,  WBO, IBO and IBF secured.  This is the highest weight Andy Ruiz has put on the scales since his second professional fight in June 2009, when he weighed 132 kilos, over 10 years now.  This proves that all the reports that Ruiz has immensely reduced his weight in preparation for this fight was all speculation.

Watford, England's 30-year-old Anthony Joshua (22-1-0, 21 KO's), is the most over-the-top, 2-1 favorite against 30-year-old Ruiz (33- 1-1).  0, 22 KO victory), although Joshua clearly lost the first fight against Ruiz.

The main fight for the IBF, WBO, WBA and IBO World Heavyweight Championship will also be broadcast live in UK at 21:45.