Bayern München 7/12

The confrontation between Bayern and Dortmund is called the Super classic of German football, also known as Der Klassiker. However, that was in the past, at least up to now. Simply because Dortmund is no longer in a position to compete with Bayern.

Replacing Dortmund as a partner with Bayern in the matches Der Klassiker is probably now M'gladbach. In fact, with its traditional thickness, M'gladbach also deserves to be considered the rivalry of Bayern. Remember the most uplifting period in the two-horse race between the two sides came in the 70s of the last century. Bayern won three consecutive seasons from 1971 to 1974 and M'gladbach won the throne three times in a row from 1974 to 1977.

After the aforementioned period, Bayern continued to flourish, while M'gladbach declined. Because of the decline of this western team, the meaning of the match between them is no longer the "German Classics". However, seeing M'gladbach rise strongly this season, NHM promises to see the mighty Der Klassiker in the past.

On the current Bundesliga rankings, M'gladbach is excelling at the lead with 28 points after 13 matches. If you only count the performance at home in the Bundesliga since the beginning of the season until now, M'gladbach is also leading the rankings. Specifically, after 7 home games, they won 5, drew 1, lost only 1 match, won 16 points.

With Bayern, the visitors after three sublimation matches under the reign of interim coach Hans-Dieter Flick suffered their first defeat, losing to Leverkusen at home in the last leg of the match last week. This loss exposes the instability that the Bavarian Gray Lobster still exists. Firstly, the defense still lacks concentration. Second and very important, they depended too much on striker Robert Lewandowski and when the Polish striker was caught dead, Bayern played very deadlock. Certainly M'gladbach will know how to make Bayern difficult in the match tonight.

Asian exchanges in this match recorded the away team Bayern still accepted to 0: 1. This shows that the house still appreciates the ability to overcome the Gray Lobster. However, as mentioned, M'gladbach at the moment is different from the 1-5 defeat at home last season and they certainly know how to take advantage.