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Birmingham have just received an embarrassing 0-2 defeat at home to QPR, that defeat also ended a series of 4 unbeaten matches. It is not a surprise in general, because Birmingham has always shown instability from the beginning of the season. Meanwhile, after a series of winning matches, West Brom was held by Wigan and lost the top of the list to Leeds. Obviously the two-horse battle for the throne is going on extremely fierce and the visitors know that they can not lose points at this time.

This year's season did not go really well for Birmingham when at the moment they have only got 28 points after 20 rounds and temporarily ranked 13th in the rankings. The position that Birmingham is getting from 8 wins, 4 draws and 8 losses. Birmingham's attack has given them a total of 22 goals while their defense has received 26 goals. Before the reception of West Brom, Birmingham must receive an unforgettable defeat against QPR and it obviously affected the psychology of the players. Because the home field is also difficult to use as a fulcrum for Birmingham, when they did not win the last 3 times to play on their home turf. In addition, 5 times against West Brom, Birmingham did not win and received 4 defeats.

After failing to fulfill the Premier Leaague dream last season, West Brom is extremely determined to return to the No. 1 playground of the foggy country. At this time, the visitors are still showing their superior strength in the tournament when ranked 2nd but only less goal difference compared to the top of Leeds. After 21 rounds, the visitors gained 46 points and created a gap with the 3rd place up to 9 points. The proud results that West Brom have are coming from 13 wins, 7 draws and 1 loss. West Brom's attack has an impressive 42 goals while the number of goals they have had to get is 21. Before the trip to Birmingham, West Brom were held by Wigan, so they will put. try your best to get the brake circuit back. Obviously with unbeaten to the last 11 rounds and winning to 8, there is no reason for West Brom to lose this match point.