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Betfred Cup Final: RAN vs CEL

The team of highly skilled Neil Lennon will win against the teddy bears when they are in better shape recently. Specifically, Celtic has won 10/10 recent matches, won the last 4/5 matches away, won the last 7/10 matches and won the last 7/10 away matches. And coach and coach Steven Gerrard did not win the last 3/5 matches.

According to statistics, the possibility of a match at Ibrox Stadium will be at least 3 goals or more. Specifically, the last 6/7 matches of Celtic, the last 5/6 matches of Glasgow Rangers at home, 4/5 recent matches of Glasgow Rangers, the last 4/5 Celtic matches have had at least 3 goals or more.

Confrontation history shows that in the last 10 away games at Ibrox Stadium, coach Neil Lennon's team won 6 draws 1 lost 3, 6/10 matches had the most 2 goals scored, in The last 2 visits Celtic won 1 lose 1. Calculating the past 20 confrontations, the Glasgow Rangers won 3 draws 3 lost 14, 11/20 matches ended with no more than 2 goals scored, only counted 4 times nearest confrontation Glasgow Rangers won 2 lost 2.

Glasgow Rangers won the last 7/10 matches, winning the last 3/5 matches. At home team Steven Gerrard's army has won the last 9/10 matches, winning the last 5/5 matches.

Celtic won the last 10 matches, won the last 5/5. Away from coach Neil Lennon's team won 7/10 recent matches, won 4/5 last match.