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Middlesbrough is going through a season with difficulty, obviously not winning in the last 4/5 matches in the Championship can be considered a bad achievement for the Riverside team in the context that this team is in in the fierce relegation race. Therefore, facing only one Charlton is full of instability at this time will be an opportunity for Middlesbrough to escape from the predicament.

Middlesbrough are the team with the second lowest victory this year in the Championship, namely after 19 rounds they only triumphed 3 times and received 8 defeats. With these results, the Riverside team only got 17 points and the 20 position in the rankings and only 1 point better than the red light group. The worry is that their recent form is quite bad, having only won 1 and lost 2 in the last 5 rounds. To be able to think of higher ranks, coach and coach Jonathan Woodgate will have to try for each remaining game of the season. Of course the upcoming match they will be playing at home Riverside, keeping all 3 points to stay is the highest goal of Middlesbrough now. The good news is that Middlesbrough lost only 1 and won to 3 in the last 5 meetings with Charlton, so 3 points is not a deadly target at this time.

Despite being on Middlesbrough, even the most optimistic people do not dare to put much faith in Charlton at the present time. The reason is that the visitors are playing extremely bad recently, but typically they lost to 4 and drew 1 in the last 5 rounds. If calculated further, Charlton only won 1 and lost to 6 in 10 recent appearances. In particular, all 6 times away from home last time, Charlton did not even win but received 5 defeats. When both teams are in need of victory in the upcoming match to be able to open their own exit, this will surely be a competition with the struggling game and the great ability of Middlesbrough is the name. to have complete joy.