Borussia Dortmund 7/12

Dortmund is ranked 5th on the Bundesliga rankings with 23 points after 13 matches. The gap between Dortmund and the team above Bayern Munich is only 1 point. The number of points that the Ruhr yellow jersey team let top team Monchengladbach put aside now is only 5.

Therefore, playing at home in round 14 is a better opportunity for Dortmund to improve the position on the rankings. Dusseldorf after 12 matches just won 12 points, ranked in 15th place in the rankings. But according to experts, there are at least three reasons to believe that Dortmund will have trouble with the task of winning the upcoming match.

First, Dortmund will have to calculate the force distribution, keeping the pillars for the more important match in the Champions League in the middle of next week. Dortmund are forced to beat Slavia Praha on the morning of December 11, and hope Inter Milan do not beat Barcelona in the match at the same time. In the European Cup Group F table this season, after the penultimate game, Dortmund and Inter Milan got 7 points, Inter Milan are more than Dortmund.

Second, Dusseldorf soon struggled with relegation but was still not an opponent who could easily be bullied. With a more stable force than the recent period, Dusseldorf has gradually improved. In the last 7 matches in all competitions, Dusseldorf was only defeated 2 times, the rest they won 3, drew 2 and won 5 matches under Asian rafters.

Third, Dusseldorf was accepted with +1 1/2 in Asian handicap in the upcoming match so even losing by 1 goal they also bring joy to the fans. The season before Dortmund's guests, Dusseldorf was also accepted to +1 1/2 in Asia before the ball rolling and the result after 90 minutes of competition was Dortmund won 3-2.

Before the clash of Barcelona in the fifth match of the Champions League this season on November 28, Dortmund were kicked at home to the bottom group Paderborn (just won 5 points in 13 matches) in the Bundesliga. Before the ball was rolling, Dortmund accepted Paderborn -2 1/4 with Asian handicap, so no one would dare to believe they were tied by the opponent with a score of 3-3.