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Boxing: Harrison vs Charlo

There will be a highly explosive encounter tonight when the two arch enemies Tony Harrison and Jermell Charlo will meet again in a rematch!  In the fight for the WBC World Championships in super welterweight, in addition to the sporting value, it's all about the "question of honor"!

After exactly 364 days without a world title, Jermell Charlo (USA, 32-1-0, 16 Ko's) wants to get back the WBC belt that he controversial on December 22 last year after points to Tony Harrison (USA, 28  -2-0, 21 Ko's).  "It's a matter of honor!" Charlo said in an interview that repeatedly made it clear that the upcoming rematch against Harrison is about much more than just a title.

When we weighed yesterday, both protagonists were in the limit: Tony Harrison weighed 69.51 kg - at Jermell Charlo it was 69.63 kg.

For two and a half years, Jermell Charlo was WBC super welterweight world champion.  After crowning himself the new champion in an impressive manner (knockout win against John Jackson, May 2016; editor's note), Charlo successfully defended his title three times.  After knockout wins over Charles Hatley and Erickson Lubin, the 29-year-old normal boom prevailed against ex-champion Austin Trout in June 2018, victorious on points.

When Jermell Charlo - whose twin brother, Jermall, is the reigning WBC middleweight world champion - put his belt at risk against his age-old Tony Harrison for the fourth time, nothing seemed to stand in the way of another success from Charlo.  Even immediately after the twelve round battle, many observers and experts still saw Jermell Charlo as the title holder.

A scene from the first fight: Jermell Charlo (left) loses controversially against Tony Harrison on points.
 The three responsible judges saw this differently and decided unanimously in favor of Tony Harrison.  Even renowned TV expert and former judge Larry Hazzard saw Jermell Charlo as the winner with a 117: 111 rating.  After fierce discussions in the face of this highly controversial point decision, an immediate new edition should be available.

Due to an alleged ankle injury, Tony Harrison was unable to attend an originally scheduled appointment on June 23 this year.  Instead, Jermell Charlo easily knocked out the chance-free Jorge Cota.  Now the "Billing Day" should take place next night (German time)!