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BRFC vs Derby

Derby County is still struggling to find its shape last season, but in the current situation, the fans of the visitors should not have too much expectations of Cocu's teachers and teachers. Meanwhile, Blackburn is showing his bravery and spirit of overcoming difficulties. After a series of poor matches, the Black Rose is returning extremely strong with the recent 4/5 rounds won. Morale is high, plus having to face a weak Derby County away from home, 3 points completely within reach of the Ewood Park team.

Once a regular name in the No. 1 playground of the foggy country, Blackburn has not been able to return to the prestigious arena for quite a long time. This season Blackburn continues to face many difficulties for the dream of promotion, especially they themselves have not had the necessary stability. Specifically, after 19 matches played this season, Blackburn won 8 draws 3 but also lost 8. With that result, the Ewood Park team is ranked 11th in the rankings with 27 points and inferior to Play- Off promotion with a distance of 4 points. Anyway, there have been improvements in Blackburn's play over the past time, specifically they won up to 4 and lost only 1 in the last 5 rounds. In particular, Blackburn has been unbeaten in all 5 recent appearances on their home turf and has had 3 successive victories in the past. Therefore,

After a season of failure to qualify and parting with coach Frank Lampard, Derby County has not given up. Specifically, they recruit the legendary Cocu to lead the club to complete the unfinished dream. However, the Flock of Sheep are having difficulties at a time when the Dutch strategist gets used to English football. The 1-1 draw at home to QPR yesterday was the 7th that Derby County split points with its opponent. At this point with 25 points, they are ranked 14th on the chart and 6 points behind the Play-Off group. In particular, trips away from home are haunting with Derby County when they have not won the last 9 operations and have had 6 failures in them. Obviously with that performance, even the most dreamer will have difficulty believing in Derby County right now.