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Bristol City vs Millwall

Millwall is showing a relatively unstable face this season, obviously to target the No. 1 playground of the foggy country, the visitors still have to try a lot. In contrast, Bristol City is playing quite stable to continue to pursue the ticket to the prestigious class. Encountering a Millwall has not shown a bright face this season will be an opportunity for the Ashton Gate team to continue the race.

Last season, Bristol City finished eighth in the final, which can be seen as a stepping stone for Ashton Gate team to conquer the Premier League ticket this season. The Fulham victory on the field in the last round was the ninth time they triumphed this season and received only 3 defeats. With these impressive results, Bristol City is in fourth place with 35 points and is equal to the third position of Fulham but ranked behind because of the difference in goals. In general, if Bristol City wants to follow two direct promotion tickets, Bristol City needs to make more efforts, when they are 10 points below the top. But a Play-Off position was also a success for Bristol City, so they should at least keep this advantage in the future. The hosts' form is quite impressive recently when they won 3 and lost only 1 in the last 5 rounds. Not to mention, Last season, Bristol City were unbeaten after facing Millwall twice and got 1 victory on the opponent's field. Therefore, just play your best, 3 points is not a problem with Bristol City in this reunion.

Remember last season, Millwall almost had to hold a grudge when finishing at 21 and right above the group to be relegated. Entering this season, everything seems brighter but not really satisfactory. Specifically, after 20 matches, they only won 6, drawn 9 and lost 5, gaining 27 points and standing in the position of 15 rankings. Although unbeaten in the last 5 rounds, Millwall also drew to the last 3 rounds, it is clear that too many points are making it difficult for the visitors this season. Away from home is also a problem for Millwall, because 10 times away from home this season they only have a triumph of a match against Swansea. With such a poor competitive spirit being away from home, it was really hard to expect a miracle that Millwall could create on this trip.