Speaking of Freiburg, all just remember them as a mid-range team in the Bundesliga.  However, after the first round of this season, this team showed a very different face.

They play new football, making many teams feel awkward to resist.  This also naturally helps the performance of Mr. Streich's teachers and students greatly improved.  At one point, they even reached the top 4.

But with a team that does not have the level and bravery superior to Freiburg, they did not maintain that in the long run.  Signs of misalignment have appeared in recent matches.  Most typical is that the Schwarzwald team only won 4 points in the past 4 rounds.

When the "honeymoon" was over, it was time for Freiburg to face unsatisfactory results.  That risk soon appeared when in the next match, they will face Bayern, the giant of German football.

As for Bayern, this name is gradually regaining its form after a series of bad matches two weeks ago.  The most powerful claim of the Gray Lobster is that they defeated Werder Bremen with the score 6-1.

Once Bayern were in the competition form, defeating them was no easy feat.  They are ready to make any craftsman suffer from the excellence of Lewandowski or Coutinho.

A Freiburg who is facing many problems will obviously be a very good prey for Bayern.  A victory is difficult to escape the hands of Mr. Flick's students.