Cardiff vs BAR

It was not until the 19th round that Barnsley won the second victory this season, the result was somewhat for the inferiority of the visitors at the Championship playground this year. Meanwhile, Cardiff City is still diligently shortening the gap with the promoted Play-Off group. One more victory will bring them closer to the goal than ever, of course before a very bad Barnsley, it is not too difficult task.

After leaving the most prestigious playground in the foggy country last summer, Cardiff City is showing extremely determined to search for a promotion ticket back. However, the quality of the Championship playground is clearly not at all low and the Cardiff City Stadium team is facing fierce competition.In particular, after 19 matches this season, they won 7, draw 7 and lost 5, gaining 28 points and 10th place in the rankings. Fortunately, their distance to the Play-Off group is only 3 points and Cardiff City's performance is quite impressive. The proof is that Cardiff City only lost 1 and the song triumphed 3 times in the last 5 rounds. In which the home field is still a reliable fulcrum for Cardiff City when they also lost only 1 and won 3 in the last 5 appearances on their home.

Barnsley has only just appeared in the Championship playground earlier this season after stepping up from the League One playground. Of course, in terms of ability they were judged inferior to other competitors, although no one expected Barnsley to have such a bad performance. Even after 19 matches played, the away team only 2 times the triumphal song and 6 times divided points and received 11 defeats back. With only 12 points to get, Barnsley is now dead at the bottom of the rankings with a safe distance of 5 points. Despite having just won against Hull City in the last round, no one can believe that Barnsley got this match point, as they only known to draw and lose in the previous 17 rounds.