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Charlton vs HCAFC

Having just returned to the English Premier League playground after a long struggle in the League One arena, Charlton is showing his inferiority and is even at risk of parting the playground after only one season of participation. . On the other side, Hull City have not found stability, but nonetheless their performance is more impressive than the home team. Therefore, despite being a guest in the next match, but the winning door for Hull City is quite bright on this trip.

Having just returned to the English Premier League this season, Charlton is showing signs that they are not ready to play in this category. The deeper they go into the season, the more they face the crisis. Specifically, the last 9 rounds this team did not know the smell of victory with 7 defeats and 2 draws, of which they have lost the last 4 matches. This poor performance made Charlton only 17th with 23 points after 21 rounds. If not quickly improve the situation, Charlton will likely fall to the bottom of the rankings. So, the last 3 confrontations between the two teams, Charlton won only 1 and also lost to 2 matches. Meeting a better Hull City is obviously a challenge for the Valley team.

Despite a relatively unseasonable start to the season, Hull City have been able to return in recent rounds. Specifically, 5 victories and a draw in the last 9 rounds have helped Hull City get a safe position in the top of the table. Currently, The Tigers are ranked 14th with 29 points after 21 rounds. If they continue to maintain a good performance, Hull City can completely move towards a higher rank for the rest of the season. Of course, there are still reasons for Hull City to worry, for example, they did not win all three rounds away from the nearest home. However, at the last meeting, Hull City even crushed Charlton to 0-6, the result was difficult to repeat but 3 points is completely feasible.