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Charlton vs HTAFC

Huddersfield has just received a 0-2 defeat on their home side against Leeds, that achievement has raised the series of unbeaten matches for The Valley Stadium team to 5. Despite the relegation from the Premier League and placed quite a lot. expectation to return to the No. 1 playground of the foggy country, but that performance by Huddersfield must have made fans disappointed. In that situation, despite being a guest in front of a Charlton is equally bad, but the door with the visitors is too small on this trip.

In fact, Charlton is just a rookie who just got promoted from the League One playground, so their strength is clearly underestimated in the First Division in the UK. This team started the season not bad at all, but the later they did not keep their inherent confidence. Evidence is, since the victory over Derby, Charlton has only known to draw and lose in the last 8 matches, in which they received 6 defeats. These results have led Charlton to 9 losses and 5 split points and only 6 wins from the beginning of the season. Currently on the charts they are 23 points and have fallen to 17th place on the chart. If they keep playing with this situation, they will most likely struggle with relegation battle at the end of the season.

Huddersfield is not much better than Charlton this season. Specifically, they drew and lost in the last 5 matches. With this result, the guests fell to 21st place in the rankings and only 2 points better than the red light group. Counting from the beginning of the season, the rookie who just dropped this rank has received up to 10 failures and only got 4 triumphs. Going to Charlton's home field in the next round is considered to be very difficult for Huddersfield and another loss is likely to push the visitors into the danger zone. Remember, Huddersfield was unable to win against the homeowner in 4/6 closest encounters.