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Bournemouth's recent performance has not shown signs of improvement. To lose to Tottenham Hotspur 2-3 in the last round, Bournemouth has raised its entire series of losses to number 3. Although it is a match that the Bournemouth players play extremely determined and daring but it is also can not cover the inherent weaknesses in the defense. This is the main reason for the recent decline of Bournemouth and dropped too many points. So after the unexpected victory against MU, Bournemouth has not been able to find the joy of winning for yourself.

Bournemouth is currently ranked 12th with 16 points after 14 rounds. The distance between this team and the top 10 is 2 points, and compared to the top 5, that number is 4 points. A gap not too big, but still a challenge for Bournemouth if they do not improve soon. Bournemouth shows signs of shortness of breath after a period of sublimation, even once in the top 6 of the tournament. They were on their way to find that foothold on the transcript. In this round, they will have a trip to the pitch of Crystal Palace, the team standing right above with 2 more points.

Crystal Palace has just gone through a period of a night called a nightmare when confronted with all the big men of English football, that is Man City, Arsenal, second place in Leicester City, Chelsea and especially the top of Liverpool. . As a result, in the series, Crystal Palace earned 1 single point from the draw with Arsenal, the rest losing all 4 matches. Overcoming the difficult period, Crystal Palace started to show a winning smile by getting 3 points right on Burnley's field in the last round. It was a praiseworthy performance for the Crystal Palace players because Turk Moor has never been a good place.

Despite drawing and losing 5 rounds in a row, Crystal Palace still has got 18 points, equal to the points with the top 3 teams and only 2 points behind the top 5. They may not be able to overcome the big teams, but before the opponents are equal or weaker, the achievement of 3 points is completely within reach. Moreover, in this match, Crystal Palace will also play at home, where they have had 5 consecutive games unbeaten before losing to Wolverhampton at the last meeting. Confidence and determination will be the source of strength for Crystal Palace to overcome a declining Bournemouth, thereby winning yet another victory. With Asian ratio 0 / 0.5 left, the trust in the host is a feasible solution. Remember, Crystal Palace has won the last 2 matches.

Bournemouth's defensive ability is not overestimated this season. Their recent matches also have many goals scored. Specifically, the last 3 matches of Bournemouth have no less than 3 goals. On the other side, Crystal Palace is in a high level, playing at home, they will not hesitate to attack and play openly against Bournemouth. That's why the match in this match is very bright. Players should consider investing resources to ensure profitability.