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Upcoming, on the pitch Riverside will take place the match between Middlesbrough and the visitors Huddersfield within the 24 Championship round. The uncertainty in form makes the two teams not have an impressive position at this time when ranked 19th and 20th on the rankings respectively. Therefore, this is an opportunity for both of them to improve their position, widen the distance with the red light group.

Middlesbrough is not in the best form at this year's Championship. Over 23 rounds, the army of coach Jonathan Woodgate has won only 5 matches, drawn 9 and lost 9 matches. With 24 points in hand, Middlesbrough is currently 20th in the rankings and only 5 points ahead of the red light group. If not improved soon, Middlesbrough will probably fall deeply. To return to their home in the next round, this will be a good opportunity for them to win points when their opponent is not too strong. 

On the opposite side, Huddersfield is also showing an unstable appearance. The Championship went through 23 rounds, but they also won 6, drew 7 and lost 10 matches. Taking 25 points, Huddersfield currently ranks 19th on the chart. In the last 5 matches, they won 2, drew 2 and drew 1 match. In the next round, coach Danny Cowley's army will have a march to Middlesbrough's Riverside Stadium to be a guest. This will also be a big challenge that they need to overcome to get a secure foothold in the end of the season.

Despite not being in good form, tonight's match, within the 24 Championship round, Middlesbrough still received high praise for the possibility of winning. This is also understandable because they are playing at their home and only have to welcome the team "on par". Not to mention, the army of Coach Jonathan Woodgate is also receiving the support of the past. Saying that, 3 times before the home team had won 1 and never lost to Huddersfield. Many believe that homeowners will get what they need to improve their position.

Huddersfield's attack was not bad when there were 26 goals. However, their defense proved to be poor when conceding 35 goals. On the other side of the line, Middlesbrough's attack is not too prominent when only 21 goals have been scored so far. Most likely the upcoming match will be scarce goals. Not to mention, the last 3 times they met, no match they closed on 2 goals.