Everton is the team that brought the biggest disappointment in this season.  They are heavily invested in personnel, but all the revenues are even worse than a newly promoted team like Sheffield.

The most noticeable cause of Everton's failures is the instability that comes from the style of the attack.  Besides, gaps in defense also appear.  Only 7 goals scored while conceding 11 times is the clearest evidence for the bad face of Goodison Park.

The next match in the framework of the English League Cup, Everton will face Leicester, one of the teams whose performance is very high recently.

The image of Leicester now makes experts think they are like a big team instead of just a dark horse.  Rodgers' teachers and students completely removed the defensive kick, instead playing attacking directly in front of the opponent.

With reasonable play plus a quality squad, it is not surprising that Leicester maintained a very stable performance in the past.  Has 10 consecutive games, still no name has defeated the Foxes.  Even in that, Leicester also won 9 victories.

All figures at the moment are clearly inclined to Leicester, so it is not surprising that they are much appreciated than Everton.  A victory at Goodison Park is entirely within Leicester's reach.