EFL: Leeds vs PNEFC

Second-placed Leeds United are showing signs of going down and will have a home ground to welcome the tough challenge called Preston End, which is strongly promoted soon. This is the focal match and also the penultimate round 24, whether Leeds wakes up in time to find the winning circuit after 2 rounds and hold the second place in the table. Or Preston will surprise you while you are excited to cut a series of 3 consecutive games that cannot beat Leeds.

The home ground is giving Leeds United confidence when they are unbeaten in the last 8 matches, including up to 6 victories, they also overwhelmed Preston End in the confrontation record with 5 victories and 3 draws in the last 10 times. here clash. However, teachers and coach Marcelo Bielsa are leveling off with the last 2 rounds without all 3 points, they drew 3-3 dramatically when welcoming the representative of Wales, Cardiff City and 1-2 defeat when marched to London as a guest of Fulham. They were still in second place, but were dropped by West Brom with 3 points more in the first place battle.

After two consecutive rounds of victory against Luton Town and Fulham both at home with the same score of 2-1, Preston End was blocked with a tedious 0-0 draw when traveling to Wales as Cardiff City's guest, both Although the match overwhelmed the situation with the ball holding time up to nearly 60%, launched 16 shots twice the opponent but only 3 times rarely hit the target and were harmless. The fifth draw this season helped Preston unbeaten for the third round in a row to retain the promotion play-off group, a timely return of Preston when they had 3 consecutive rounds before losing. They need to overcome the worst defense in the top 7 teams with 27 times conceded while the 4th strongest fire with 35 shots, the trio of Daniel Johnson - Gallager - Barkhuizen are the key factors when together. each scored 18 goals and 8 assists.