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EFL: Luton vs Swans

Newly promoted rookie Luton Town who is diving in the bottom group of the group will have a home ground to welcome the very uncomfortable Swansea City from Wales who is also unstable at the match in the 23rd round. the power to win the 2nd round in a row and get back into the promoted play-off group. Or Luton will surprise in the rematch of the opponent after 11 years to cut the circuit 2 times and then lose completely, thereby increasing the distance with the red light group.

After a 2-1 victory at home to Wigan Athletic, Luton was in crisis again with 2 consecutive defeats against Stoke City and Preston North End away. Losing 1-2 against Preston End recently, they only had the honorary table of veteran center-back James Collins at the end of the first half but still lost the decisive goal in the 84th minute full of bitterness. This has been Luton's 14th defeat this season, they are the most losing team in the tournament, the result is not surprising for a newly promoted rookie after 11 years, they are only 2 points less than the red light group. due to winning only 6 rare matches over 3 rounds, even losing up to 8 times in the last 10 rounds. The home field also does not help Luton with confidence because they won 3 times in the last 9 matches, the experience is also completely lost to Swansea City - the team that dropped in the Premier League 2 seasons ago and Luton took 11 years to return to the First Division. 

Swansea City is quite stubborn every time away from home with only 1 loss in the last 6 away games, which is a crushing defeat 1-5 against the top team West Brom too strong. After 2 consecutive rounds losing to Fulham and West Brom, Swan was unbeaten in the last 2 rounds when drawing 1-1 against Blackburn Rovers with Middlesbrough with a strong score 3-1 in the previous round. Swansea got all three points in the day they played more than 2 people between 63 and 77 minutes, Ghanaian striker Andre Ayew shone with a brace of goals in 22 and 71 minutes, Sam Surridge's remaining table after cleaning up the deck of Jake Bidwell. The ninth victory this season helped the Welsh representatives narrow the gap with the play-offs to a slight point.