Bristol City has just received 2 consecutive defeats on their home, those results made them kicked out of the Play-Off group. In contrast, Sheffield Wednesday is playing extremely sublimated with a series of 5 unbeaten matches recently. Even now, they have surpassed Bristol City itself to compete fairly with the leading group. Continuing the uplift, 3 points is definitely the goal that Sheffield Wednesday aims to realize its ambition.

With 36 points, Sheffield Wednesday is having a very strong breakthrough to climb up to the 5th position in the rankings. At the moment, it is really difficult for the remaining teams to compete for two direct promotions because West Brom and Leeds are far behind the rest. Therefore, Monk teachers and coaches will surely try to be able to finish the goal in the highest position possible to have an advantage in the Play-Off round. The performance of the home team in recent years is relatively convincing, because the last 10 rounds they have won 4 victories and have only received 2 defeats. Tonight match, with Hillsborough's home team, the home team is very confident in a victory when 10 times between the two teams, Sheffield Wednesday has made the opponent receive a bitter fruit 5 times.

The visitors are playing quite well and in the leading group, specifically after 22 rounds, the coach Lee Johnson's team got 35 points and is ranked 7th in the rankings. Right now, they are only 2 points behind the 3rd place team, so the chances of getting into the Play-Off group for promotion are still very bright for them now. However, the upcoming match against Sheffield Wednesday signals a difficult match for the visitors. By recent statistics show that the performance of the visitors in the past time is not really stable. When, after the last 10 matches, they won 4 victories but also received 4 defeats. Therefore, if you continue to show such an erratic performance in this match, even the most optimistic people will not dare to judge in a victory for the visitors in the operation tonight.