Manchester United are in great spirits after beating Newcastle with a 4-1 score in the last match.  Highly excited, Man United aims to win all 3 points before Burnley comes here.  Of course they have a reason to do so. 

After 2 consecutive defeats against Man City and Tottenham, Burnley had 6 points when facing Newcastle and Bournemouth.  However, in the last game Burnley continued to show an unimpressive face when losing to Everton with a score of 0-1.  This failure once again shows the immaturity and weak mentality when confronting with capable opponents.  In the next round, Burnley is in danger of facing the next defeat when facing an excited Man United when they destroyed Newcastle 4-1.  Obviously, this is a huge challenge for Burnley.  Especially when they are playing all the bad and inferior to the strong teams.  Despite being played at home, Burnley has reason to worry.  Do not forget the last 3 times to welcome United at home, they lost all 3. Worth mentioning, in these three defeats, Burnley failed to score a goal.

The problem that Burnley fell into this situation is largely in the defense very downright.  Burnley is ranked 12th on the chart.  They have conceded 30 times since the beginning of the season so far.  The Clarets are also the team with the most goals in the top 12 teams.  That is a very large number compared to many previous football seasons.  Do not forget that in previous seasons Burnley was considered a very strong defensive team.  They played annoyingly on the basis of the trio of Ben Mee-Tarkowski-Pope.  However, things are completely different.  Before a Man United just hit Newcastle 4 goals, Burnley could hardly keep a clean sheet in the upcoming match.

In a day full of sublime competition, Man United beat Newcastle mercilessly with a score of 4-1.  An indisputable match of the Man United attack.  Martial with a brace, the remaining 2 goals were divided between Rashford and Greenwood.  Be aware that these 3 goals of "Red Guards" are scored within 27 minutes.  Worth mentioning, United have conceded before but they still do not flinch.  In contrast, Ole Solsa's teachers and students showed a great face.  With 3 points obtained and Chelsea stumbling in the same round, United reduced the gap with the top 4 to 4 points.  The door to compete for the Champions League ticket opens to the "Red Heart".

Traveling to Turf Moor this weekend, Man United are confident in acquiring 3 points.  Overall, a lot of favorable factors are supporting them to win over Burnley.  Firstly, Man United is getting great excitement after the recent victory.  Secondly, the attackers of "Red Guards" are firing at regular intervals.  The trio of Greenwood, Martial and Rashford are very sublime and very well coordinated.  Secondly, as mentioned above, Man United have a very good confrontation record against Burnley when they won the last 3 matches as the opponent.  The last time Man United lost to The Clarets was 10 years ago.  Third, Burnley played full of instability and fear in the face of the bloody teams.  Therefore, it is quite easy for Man United to get 3 points in the upcoming match.