The two representatives of London, Arsenal and Chelsea, are in a precarious form, they will face each other in the penultimate match and also the focus of the round of 20. Can the Blues show their bravery in the big game as well as in the matches? The capital derby has won Tottenham recently and also built the fourth position. Or the Gunners will have their first victory under new coach Mikel Arteta and find the winning circuit after 3 rounds.

Although only a guest of Bournemouth is quite precarious, but Arsenal still can not have the first victory of new coach Mikel Arteta, the Gunners can only leave with a 1-1 draw, even they are led in the half. one but in the 63rd minute, striker Aubameyang shone with an equalizer. Still the dominant ball control style of Arteta, who played for Arsenal as well as the style of Pep Guardiola - the brother who worked as an assistant at Man City, but Arteta still had too many problems to improve for Arsenal, so they won. A rare time in the last 11 rounds in the Premier League, they are with Wolves as the king of the tournament with 9 times to split points, the Gunner is diving in the bottom half of the table with a distance of up to 8 points compared to the top 4 Will Arsenal's two at once, Artera and his assistant Freddie Ljungberg help the Gunners prosper. 

The last 2 times as a guest of Arsenal, Chelsea have fallen and they are quite worried at home with only 1 victory in 4 recent home away matches, but the Blues have won Tottenham recently in the London derby right now away. Chelsea are going through a very precarious period with 5 defeats in the last 7 rounds, all of which are disappointing losses against the lower teams, the latest 0-2 defeat against salt in the face of Southampton. relegation, they let the opponent counterattack and scored 1 goal in each half while the attack was extremely deadlock. The attack is a rare flare with 33 goals in which Abraham star has had 11 separate shots in the context of the secondary side like Giroud or Batshuayi too poor. The defense is still too sleepy when both Zouma and Tomori are still too young, 27 goals are too embarrassing for the Blues.