Referring to West Ham, anyone can think of a team with the most annoying kick in the English Premier League.  The "hammers" have also shown it very well in past matches.

However, everything that happens to the London team at the present time is completely different from the beginning of the season.  Mr. Pellegrini's teachers and students fell seriously, when there were times when they had to go through a series of 7 matches in a row and lost.

Those numbers turned them from a dark horse into a trivial team, even a favorite prey for the names at the tournament.  Leicester is a team that thinks so too.

Leicester will face West Ham in the next match with the goal of being forced to win.  Winning not only let the "Foxes" maintain their position in the top group, but it also helps them relieve their psychology after 3 consecutive rounds of knowing only draw and lose.

Mr. Rodgers' teachers and students played down their strength not because they were playing poorly, but because the opponents were too strong.  Man City or Liverpool is clearly the problem that is not easy to solve with any team in Europe, let alone Leicester.

Leicester may lose points against big teams, but when confronting with lower-class teams, Mr. Rodgers' teachers did not let that happen.  A series of 9 consecutive victories from mid-October to early December is the best example.

The strength of Leicester is still the same, and it is completely superior enough to make a seriously depressed West Ham to hate in the upcoming match.