Norwich once had a very strong revival period around late November to early December. However, that honeymoon soon ended.

The "Canary" immediately returns to its ego, which is the continual failure.  The play of Mr. Farke's teachers and students is still the same, when always actively playing against other competitors.  However, the fragile defense made it impossible for them to play that particular attacking style.

Statistically, Norwich are the team that has received the most goals since the beginning of the season when it has reached 38. The number of goals they have to receive is even more than the goals that big teams like Chelsea or Tottenham.  writable.

This fatal weakness of Norwich will naturally be fully exploited by Tottenham in the upcoming match.  As for Tottenham, this team has just recovered from the win against Brighton.

Tottenham are facing a lot of difficulties, when their pillars are unable to play for various reasons.  However, Mourinho was very good at rotating the squad.  He still makes every effort to help the team survive until the Techmart winter.

Besides, stars like Alli or Kane are still ensuring that Mourinho can win good points against weaker teams.  This is also the hope of Spurs in the next match on the pitch of Norwich.

Tottenham has many advantages that Norwich never have, that is class and quality.  That is why Spurs can afford to win all 3 points in this match even if they have to play away.