In the English Premier League this season, Watford experienced a difficult time.  Even the home team Vicarage Road also often have to make friends with the last position on the rankings.

Everything is against Watford, making their future more cloudy than ever.  However, at the most difficult time, coach Pearson has come to solve this terrible crisis.

Watford gradually became better.  They are confident in the deployment phase, besides not forgetting to improve the defensive ability, which is the team's weakest point in this season.

The evidence is more evident in the match Watford defeated Manchester United or drew Sheffield.  These are all names with form and class superior to Mr. Pearson's teachers and students.  Besides, the number of goals conceded by Watford in the last 5 matches has also decreased to 5.

Next match, Watford will continue to have the opportunity to improve their performance when they only have to welcome Aston Villa at home.  This is one of the relatively "fit" opponents for Mr. Pearson's students when they played not well in the past.

If you look carefully, it is not difficult to realize that Aston Villa's performance is worse than Watford.  According to statistics in the last 5 matches, they only got 1 victory, the rest were quite painful failures.

The most notable feature of Aston Villa's poor series of games, and it was at the time they had to play away.  This team is the name of the away team at the lowest level in the tournament when they have received 7 defeats since the beginning of the season.

With what the two teams are showing, Watford can be proved to be superior in many ways than Aston Villa.  This is also the reason that makes the match in the next match difficult to escape from the hands of Mr. Pearson's students.