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Fulham vs BCI

The start of the season is not really impressive, but the more Fulham plays, the more power and bravery of a foggy football giant. At this moment, the goal of the Craven Cottage team is not only a position in the Play-Off group, but one of the two direct promotions. On the other side, Bristol City is playing equally impressive, even if they subdue the fortress of Craven Cottage, they will level the gap with Fulham himself. It was clear that the goal could not be clearer than for Lee Johnson's army to advance.

Fulham is one of the names who have to say goodbye to the most prestigious playground in the country last summer, so it is not surprising that the desire to return to the Premier League is stronger than ever with teachers and students. Coach Scott Parker. In fact, Fulham did not play impressively at the beginning of the season, but the better the game and this is the time when the Craven Cottage team break out stronger than ever. The proof is that the last 4 rounds they have won all, that result helped Fulham get 35 points through 19 rounds with the 3rd place in the table and the team ranked immediately above with a difference of 5 points. At this time, Scott Parker's team significantly improved their attack ability and they had 31 goals after 19 rounds in the First Division. Therefore, being able to play at home to host an underdog like Bristol City. 

Bristol City has just had a great round, the timely rise of the attack helped them beat Huddersfield with a strong score of 5-2 to reach the 5th position in the rankings, with 32 points. the same distance is 8 points compared to the second ranked team is Leeds. Another victory will help Lee Johnson's army level the gap with Fulham himself. However, the visitors are quite unstable at the present time, proving that the last 5 rounds they have only failed once, but only got 1 victory. Despite Bristol City losing only 1 and winning 3 in the last 5 times face to face Fulham, but with having to make a guest of a team with high form as the host, the goal of 3 points will be really difficult for guest.