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Glory Collision 2 : Rico vs Badr

“I hope that everyone has now noticed what it means for athletes in the various martial arts to get into the ring.  It is much more than just a victory.  They are literally fighting for their lives. ”- ESPN journalist Ariel Helwani got to the point.  The death of boxer Maxim Dadashev shook the sports world.  The Russian boxer received 260 hits until it finally became too much for his coach, who explained the task with the towel throw.  A few minutes later, Dadashev collapses and is put into an artificial coma.

Too late - the doctors can no longer save the Russian boxer.  The death of Dadashev rekindles the debates surrounding martial arts and the health threats to athletes.  Referees often receive harsh criticism from fans if fights are stopped early.  However, these technical decisions are decisive in order to protect the athletes from dangers.  There was a similar discussion at the century fight in kickboxing between glory champion Rico Verhoeven and kickboxing star Badr Hari.  Badr Hari had to stop the fight against Rico Verhoeven due to an injury - much to the displeasure of the fans who traveled.

It could have been the last professional fight for Badr Hari, who would have saved a remarkable career as a kickboxer.  After years of dominating kickboxing, Rico Verhoeven became his final boss.  Badr Hari did not lose his star status because of the defeat against Rico, but rather because of his doping scandal in March 2018. The Dutch doping agency DAN ruled that the suspension was 19 months.  It was not the first negative incident by "bad boy" Hari, who has repeatedly lived up to his nickname in the past with court cases involving serious bodily harm.

In the rematch between Rico Verhoeven and Badr Hari, his opponent is again the favorite for bets according to betting odds.  Badr was in an impressive shape on social media and will probably get into the ring in top form.  Is Rico finally ending the Badr era or can the Moroccan stand up to his toughest opponent?