Hull vs SCFC

Once a famous team and extremely annoying play in the No. 1 playground of the land of fog, but no one would have expected Stoke City to play like that at the Championship playground this season. . They even now become one of the brightest candidates for relegation rates next summer. Meanwhile, Hull City are determined to earn themselves a ticket to return to the Premier League after a period of absence. However, the KCOM Stadium team has not shown the stability of a candidate, so the welcome to a very weak Stoke City will be an opportunity for the home team to improve the achievement.

Hull City had just left the field with Barnsley after a defeat of 1-3, the loss showed the instability in Hull's play at this time and if not overcome that, the home team should not expect get high results. Specifically, the last 10 rounds, Hull City triumphed 5 times but also received 4 defeats. Even at home, because once they have won, then they will immediately make fans feel nervous. At this moment, the KCOM Stadium team has 26 points and 12 places in the rankings and a 6 point difference from the promoted Play-Off group. Therefore, if you want to fulfill your goals, 3 points at home against an opponent like Stoke City is a must.

In fact, the signs of crisis and decline came to Stoke City last season, when they finished only in 16th place with 55 points. Entering this season, with no noticeable personnel additions, the home fans have partly understood the fate of their pet team. But no matter how you imagine it, no one would expect the visitors to play so badly, even losing at home in the last round against Blackburn was the 13th loss after only 19 matches this season. Specifically, from the beginning of the season, they had only 4 victories and 14 points and placed at the bottom of the rankings with 3 points to a safe area. Apparently with such a performance, there is no door for Stoke City to win this match.