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La Liga: Barcelona 7/12

After a period of quite unsettled season, Barca has improved markedly in recent times with great performances. They have had 5 consecutive wins, including an important victory against very strong opponent Atletico Madrid over the weekend at Wanda Metropolitano. After bringing back 3 valuable points, Barca is currently leading BXh with a total score of 31 points after 10 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses. However, they are on par with Real Madrid and only ahead of rivals on the sub-index. Not to mention, Sevilla in 3rd place with 1 inferior point is also looking to rob the top. Therefore, Barca needs more victories to be able to gain an advantage in the race to the championship. 

In this round, Real Madrid only had to meet the opponent in the dangerous group, Espanyol, so in order not to be left behind, Barca also had to win against Mallorca. This is not a very difficult task for the Catalan giant. Currently in the Champions League, the victory against Dortmund has given Barcelona a ticket to advance to the knockout phase before a round. The peace of mind in the continental arena makes Barca able to focus completely on the goal in La Liga. The home field will strengthen Barca when they have been unbeaten in the last 11 visits, of which only 1 draw, the rest are up to 10 victories.

Mallorca is clearly not a worthy opponent for Barca. This team is currently ranked 17th on the standings with 14 points after 15 matches, and the distance between them and the relegation group is only 1 point. They have only been promoted this season and it looks like the toughness of the gaur highest tournament is overwhelming Los Bermellones. In the Mallorca team there are not many individuals who can create a mutation for the match, and their play is not appreciated. Mallorca's form is extremely poor when they have won only 1 match in the last 6 rounds, the remaining draw 1 and lost to 4. The away record of Mallorca this season is also extremely poor when they lose all a set of 6 matches, scoring only 3 goals and losing 14 goals. Obviously, the trip to the Nou Camp here will heal much less for the army of coach Vicente Moreno.

In the past 5 times of the last two teams confronted, the victory belongs to Barca. It is not a surprise because the Nou Camp team is superior to the opponent in terms of class, force and playing quality. Mallorca this season is just a rookie, even playing quite hard, so the ability to continue to fall before Barca is very high. Asian handicap up to 2-2.5 left shows the difference of how big the two teams. It is not too difficult for Barca, with its destructive performance, to crush Mallorca right on the Nou Camp. Therefore, putting faith in the landlord is a completely wise investment plan.

Barca's attack is in the form of terrible when scoring up to 36 goals in the past 14 rounds. Particularly, the last 5 matches they have had 12 goals Elsewhere, Messi has just received the yellow ball and the upcoming match will be the place for him to prove he deserves it. On the other side, Mallorca is one of the teams with the worst defense in La Liga this season and the inferiority of the visitors in the defense stage will help Barca get a more jubilant match. Therefore, with a total goals of 3.5 goals, the player should choose the talent to have a higher chance of winning.