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League One: Pompey vs ITFC

Portsmouth vs Ipswich are all highly rated teams in League One. They possess formidable force and are one of the top candidates. However, up to the present time, only one team has shown its capacity. Portsmouth is the name that left much disappointment. Ipswich meanwhile is competing for the highest throne very well. However, as the home team, Portsmouth is still selected as the upper team in the upcoming match. Another reason for Portsmouth to be chosen at the upper door is because they have a very good confrontation record in previous meetings with Ipswich. Specifically, in the last 8 encounters, Portsmouth won 4, drew 2 and lost 2 times. Their odds of winning are also better with more than 62%.

Admittedly, Portsmouth is not in good form this season. From a team that finished fourth in last season, they are now only 10th in the league with 28 points. What they did after 19 rounds is not enough to bring better results. Portsmouth is trying to find itself, trying to achieve higher positions. Last time, Portsmouth has changed significantly. The last 10 matches, this team is unbeaten up to 9 matches with 6 wins, 3 draws and only 1 defeat. At home, Portsmouth have been unbeaten for the past 2 months. This is a good signal, showing that Portsmouth will not be easily subdued in the upcoming match. Thanks to that, the spirit of the players was reshuffled. Their problem now is to play extremely alert against Ipswich because the opponent is clearly formidable. The defense of Portsmouth last time did not bring peace of mind. They lose themselves and make frequent mistakes. Statistics show that, after 19 rounds, this team has 29 goals and 24 goals. 

Ipswich experienced a big shock when they first came to play in League One this season. More than anyone, they really want to return to the Championship. To do that, this team has shown itself very well in recent years. Over 19 matches, this team brought 36 points and is currently ranked 2nd in the rankings. However, that position was not stable when Ipswich was 7 points behind the leading team and only 1 point behind the team behind. It will be very difficult if they fail in the next match. Ipswich's rival is a name that is not easy to play. Remember they only beat Portsmouth 2/6 times before. What makes Ipswich more appreciated is the ability to defend. They are currently the tightest team in League One, conceding at least from the beginning of the season so far. But the problem is coming because after the time of sublimation, they showed signs of slowing down. In the last 10 matches, Ipswich have won only once, the rest are 6 draws and 3 defeats, the rate of winning is 40%.