League One: SAFC vs BWFC

Sunderland is showing a pretty weak face at the League One playground this season, from an influential team of English football, the way to return to the Premier League is indeed too far away with "Black Cats". . Meanwhile, receiving a penalty from the English Football Association is making Bolton's goal of relegation almost pointless. The two victories in the last 5 rounds could not help them escape the danger and this trip will be a huge challenge for the visitors.

Sunderland just got 1 point at the reception for Blackpool, the match they even conceded in the 4th minute and Dobson's red card in the second half made them unable to get 3 points completely after the equalizer. at the end of the first half. The result extended the series of "Black Cats" to No. 4, calculated from the beginning of the season, they won only 7 draws 6 and lost 6, winning 27 points and ranked 13th in the rankings. With a gap of up to 6 points with the Play-Off team, it is clear that Sunderland needs more efforts to hope for positive results next time. In this round, despite only having to receive a Bolton at the bottom of the rankings, but Sunderland must not be contempt, because 5 times to face this opponent they both did not win and also received 2 defeats.

It can be said that the 12-point penalty of the English Football Federation has engulfed the spirit of the Bolton players. Because after 18 rounds this season they have won only 4 victories, 5 draws and 9 defeats. These results only helped Bolton get 5 points and the place in the queue. With a gap of up to 15 points with the safety group, it's really hard for Bolton to relegate successfully this season. Despite the progress made by winning the last 2/5 rounds, it is hard to put faith in Bolton now. By 9 times away from home from the beginning of the season, the Stadium of Light team has only one time to enjoy the full joy.