Leeds vs HCAFC

After falling short in the promotion Play-Off series last season, Leeds United showed they are still a strong candidate for that ticket this season. On the other hand, Hull City are still struggling to find stability this season, something they have not had over the past time. With his instability, it is hard to wait for the visitors to be able to surprise a Leeds who has been playing extremely sublimated all the time.

Leeds' name is of course out of controversy in English football, but in all these years they have never once found the glory of the past. But with the bravery and his resilience, the opportunity for the Elland Road team to return to the No. 1 playground of the foggy country is completely bright this season. Specifically, after 20 matches, they won 13, drawn 4 and lost 3, gaining 43 points and ranked second in the rankings. They are now two points behind leaders West Brom, but are eight points behind the team behind. Obviously, just maintaining the current status, the promotion ticket is difficult to escape teachers and coach Marcelo Bielsa. Be aware that the last 6 rounds they have won all and if calculated further, Leeds also have a series of 9 unbeaten rounds. With a goal scoring 30 goals and defending just 10 times.

Hull City are having a performance that is not really excellent, but it is not impressive until now. Because after 20 rounds, they are only 12th with 29 points, despite winning 8 matches from the beginning of the season but they also received 7 defeats. It is important that the visitors do not have the necessary stability, because immediately after gaining the trust of the fans, then they experience disappointing results. The best evidence is that they won 2 but also lost 2 in the last 5 rounds. Moreover, 2 times away from home, Hull City could not triumph. Therefore, despite defeating Leeds on Elland Road, but in the current situation, it is too difficult to reproduce that feat.  

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