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The English Premier League this season has witnessed the stability of Liverpool, besides the erratic Man City makes the race to the No. 1 position no longer too attractive. Of course, there's a long way to go, and Man City still has many opportunities to catch up with Liverpool, although that is very difficult. But wait for the Blue Man, Leicester is the team closest to the Red Brigade at the moment. 

The King Power team plays very well from the beginning of the season and is in second place with 32 points. Currently Leicester is 12 points ahead of the 5th ranked team Tottenham and the foxes are completely capable of finishing in the top 4 to win tickets to the Champions League next season. It is clearly no longer a dream for NHM Leicester because what the "fox" shows from the beginning of the season is very convincing, not lucky.

Next to Watford at home in this round, the goal of winning 3 points is completely within the reach of Vardy and his teammates. Watford has fallen too much this season and is struggling with a relegation battle. After 14 rounds, Watford has just won 8 points, finished in the table and is 6 points behind the safe position - a very large number for Watford at this time. The difference between Leicester and Watford makes the house have different judgments from the past.

The Asian floor recorded Leicester's handicap of 1 1/4 in this match, even the profit for the home door tended to decrease and pushed the main contract to 0: 1 1/2. But whether it is a quarter or a half, this is the highest handicap in history when the two sides confront. This shows that the "foxes" are receiving sympathetic gaze from the balance of ink balance.

It is not difficult to understand the way the dealer's house is because Leicester maintained the impressive performance. They have won the last 7 matches in all competitions and won all 6 recent home matches. Among their generals were both Tottenham and Arsenal - rivals with "cheeks". Watford is in a crisis of confidence after two recent defeats against not-strong rivals Burnley and Southampton.

In addition, the last 4 times marched to King Power in the Premier League, Watford left empty-handed and lost on the Asian index. Even in those 4 matches, Watford scored only 1 goal. All in all, don't count on Watford in today's battle!