Arsenal's poor match-up has temporarily stopped after a 3-1 victory on the West Ham Stadium in the last round at the No. 1 playground of the foggy country. This can be considered a necessary psychological lever before the London Gunners come to guests on the pitch of Standard Liege in the last leg of Group F to fight for the ticket to go on. Just 1 point in this match, the representative of England will officially continue, but with the strength of a champion candidate, Arsenal can do more than that.

Standard Liege, despite having a home-field advantage, is difficult to retain 1 point. In theory, this team still has a chance to continue when they get 7 points after 5 matches but it is difficult for Standard Liege to slip through the narrow door when facing Arsenal in the last match. Moreover, in the remaining pair, Frankfurt will almost certainly have a victory against the last team and only 2 points is Vitoria. before representatives from England because according to the last 4 matches played at home they are the winners. However, Arsenal are not getting good results in the Premier League and they will put more effort into the Europa League arena with the goal of returning to the highest club level next year. Not to mention. 

Arsenal are still leading in the group F-Europa League, but only one point behind the Frankfurt team after Arsenal lost to this opponent in the previous round. With the current situation, Arsenal will need at least one draw against Standard Liege to be able to qualify for the 1/8 round. That said, but with a 3-point gap and Arsenal won 4-0 in the first leg, the Gunners just lost with a gap of less than 4 goals and got tickets to go on. It is truly an unbelievable result for the Premier League representative to be knocked off the European playing field this season. Therefore, despite playing away from home, Arsenal players are still people who are much more appreciated than the two sides. Despite the recent poor results, the previous victory against West Ham was a lever for the Gunners to return to being themselves.