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Liverpool are still maintaining their dominance in the Premier League this year with an unbeaten record. The victory over Brighton has lifted Liverpool's total number of wins this season to 13 after 14 rounds. Thus, Klopp's teachers and students have gained 40 points after 14 rounds and far behind the second-placed team to 8 points, even compared to the rival Man City, the Red Brigade has created a gap of up to 11 points. It can be seen that every position in the current Kop team is having a great drop of form and the runner-up champions are heading to the championship after many years of waiting. 

Although not as explosive as the beginning of the season, but the stability of Liverpool is something no one can deny. In this round, they will welcome Everton to visit Anfield. Liverpool's mecca is a terrifying land for any team at the moment. According to statistics, The Kop has been unbeaten 12 times to welcome guests since mid-August until now, even the big men like Man City, Napoli or Tottenham have collapsed here, and must receive at least 2 goals. Everton will not avoid this tragic outcome on this trip, especially when their performance is extremely poor.

Last weekend in the match against Leicester City, despite having a goal, but Everton was still defeated by the opponent. This has been the third defeat in the last 5 rounds of Everton in the Premier League this season. The decline of this team has made the most loyal fans also disappointed. The last defeat also made Everton closer to the red light group when the distance is now only 2 points. Specifically, Everton is ranked 17th with 14 points obtained after 14 rounds. Obviously, their fans have reason to worry about the relegation of Everton this season.

Everton's incompetence in the English Premier League this year makes the upcoming Merseyside derby less attractive. In the past, despite never having won Liverpool in the last 5 meetings between the two teams (including 2 losses and 3 draws), Everton has always caused a lot of difficulties for the port city. But at this meeting, it was very difficult for them to recreate that uncomfortable face before rivals in the city. Compared to the outstanding class of stars of a Liverpool who are in very high form at this time, Everton is completely inferior. Not to mention, visiting the Anfield yard has been a simple challenge. 

Unsurprisingly, The Kop will be able to continue its impressive series of games by winning against Everton. The ratio of football contract up to 1-1.5 left has shown the trust of the house for the landlord. With great power and class and home advantage, Liverpool can absolutely have a gap victory against the neighbors. Moreover, it will be a jubilant game of goals because no one is surprised with the attacking strength of Liverpool. Moreover, this team also has an exceptionally high home-goal performance. That is why players should consider investing financial resources to ensure profitability in the match tonight.