At the Etihad home field, defending champions Manchester City are in a precarious form, there will be a great battle with rivals Manchester United who are also unstable at the Manchester derby, this is also a focus match for the 16th round. Man United like 2 rounds last season to regain second place. Or Quyet Red had a good performance before the rivals in Big Six and approached the top 4.

Man City just vented his anger on Burnley after a draw with Newcastle with a 4-1 victory on the opponent's field, Gabiel Jesus on the day of replacing Aguero, who had a striker injury with a double goal, rookie New expensive from Atletico Madrid is Rodrgio with the second goal this season with a beautiful cannon and a goal from Riyad Mahrez. They are 11 points behind Liverpool and are not allowed to stumble any more, the home ground is helping them be confident with 5 wins in 6 recent matches.

The injury storm is sweeping the Reds' squad when the defense does not have two midfielders Marcos Rojo and Eric Baily although they are not the number one choice in the center of the defense, in addition to two tomorrow stars Fosu -Mensah and Diogo Dalot in 2 wing corridors. In the middle, star Paul Pogba is also recovering, but Scott McTominay's recent comeback also brings a lot of peace of mind. The Red Guards are surprising the NHM when tripping in front of the underdog rivals, but every clash with the big opponents is good results, even the top team Liverpool has to struggle to leave their home field with a draw. 1-1, recently they beat the sublime Tottenham of old teacher Mourinho at Old Trafford with a score of 2-1, Fred had the first match in the middle line and Marcus Rashford lit up with a double goal. 

This season, Man City are showing signs of slowing down in form. They proved to be short of breath in the championship race with Liverpool when constantly losing points regrettably. Recently, the blue half of Manchester had to receive a defeat of 1-3 against Liverpool and was even drawn by Newcastle 2-2. Clearly, compared to the previous season, Man City is no longer playing explosive. After the first 15 rounds, they are now 11 points behind rivals Liverpool, a gap that is too big to cover in a few rounds, especially when The Kop is still extremely uplifting.

Man City is facing a lot of problems at this time. The number of goals conceded by Pep Guardiola teachers and students this season has reached 15, the largest of the top three teams, while last season they only conceded a mere 6 times. The schedule was so thick that Manchester City's physical foundation and ball deployment were not maintained as they were. In addition, the forces of Green Man are also in crisis when the four main stone pillars were injured. With the current situation, it will not be easy for Man City to face Man Utd in the next round. 

On the other side, Man Utd just had an important victory 2-1 against Tottenham. This is considered a very strong mental medicine for this team after two disappointing draws against Sheffield United and Aston Villa before. This victory though has not said anything but is still considered a positive sign with the red half of Manchester. Currently after 15 rounds, MU has risen to 6th place in the rankings with 21 points. However, the gap with the group behind is not significant, so MU still need to have more points to be able to improve their rankings. They are currently on par with Crystal Palace but are on the top because they have a better goal difference. 

The trip to Etihad promises to be extremely stormy for MU players. This will be a heavy dose of reagent for teachers and coach Solskjaer in the race to win a place in the Champions League next year. Although the performance is not so good, but Man City has never been a simple opponent and at this time, they are also more appreciated than MU in many aspects. Moreover, the Green Man also has a home advantage, where they have been unbeaten in the last 6 home games, of which the last 3/4 matches have won. 

In the past, the two teams of Manchester City were predestined rivals. In the last 8 times to face each other since 2016, Man City won 4 victories, MU also got 3 wins, 1 draw left. The difference in head-to-head results is not great, but at this time Man City still feels better. MU has only prospered a little and nothing is sure they will do well in the march to the yard of the rival city. Although not maintaining the impressive performance, Manchester City is still completely superior to the neighboring team. So a victory is something Man City can absolutely get if played properly. However, the 1.5 left football contract is considered a bit too much for the owner. In terms of investment, They are not a reliable address when they have lost to 6 matches in the last 8 appearances. Predict that with the positive change of the recent Manchester City, Man City can only get a minimal victory and trust the visitors will be safer. 

In addition, the attack of the two teams are playing quite well. In particular, City, the stars in the attack have brought them 39 goals since the beginning of the season and the team leading the list of goals in the Premier League this year. The Manchester derby also often takes place extremely thrilling and attractive, but with the fuss of 3-3.5 goals, the ability to explode is not high. The recent encounters of the two teams are usually only 2-3 goals. Therefore, it is recommended that players choose a faint gate to ensure profit.