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Coach Jose Mourinho will meet his former team on a trip with Tottenham to Old Trafford in the 15th round of the Premier League. Perhaps it will be an emotional day for both the Special One and the Red Devils fans. Coach Mourinho is having a good start at the new team with successive victories. Since winning against West Ham United in the opening match, the Portuguese teacher has had two more victories with the Rooster, that is against Olympiakos Piraeus in the European arena and the most recent victory against Bournemouth in the round. 14 English Premier.

Obviously, Tottenham showed a very different face under Mourinho with a sublime attack to compensate for errors from the defense. Although not yet to find the peak of form, but people are very much expected in the London team under the guidance of Mourinho. Currently, Tottenham has reached 5th place in the standings with 20 points obtained after 14 rounds. However, the gap to 6 points compared to the Top 4 Chelsea makes Rooster a lot of effort if he wants to win tickets to the European Cup next year.

On the other side, the owner of MU has not found a way out for himself. After 2 victories in early November, the Reds returned to a series of unhappy matches with 2 draws and 1 loss. Obviously, MU's performance is very erratic. That is why after 14 rounds they have only 18 points and is the lowest score of this team after each round in 30 years. This made coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer subject to much criticism from fans and the media of the fog, the pressure on his shoulders is increasing. 

It will be very difficult for Man Utd in this match although they are playing at home. Not only facing a flourishing Tottenham, Man Utd also faces another difficulty with Mourinho still understanding his old team very well. Moreover at this time, Tottenham is also highly appreciated in terms of ability compared to MU. Tottenham's midfield has a lot of control over the game before the host and Rooster also has no shortage of names that have been selected into the Best Team of the Week of the Preimer League. Predict that Tottenham will continue to do well, and MU will have to receive an unhappy result at the Theater of dreams.

MU is playing too simple, while important factors on their attack such as Martial - Rashford have no longer kept the highest form. Therefore, to endanger Tottenham's goal in this match is not simple for the Reds. Meanwhile, the sublime performance and the significant increase in the performance of Tottenham promises promising goals against MU in this match. However, the odds of fainting 3 goals are quite high. MU will try to limit the goal against Tottenham for honor, and that will make this game hard to become a rain of goals.