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NCFC vs Gunners

Big decisions have been made by Arsenal after a bad time. Not winning in 7 consecutive matches is unacceptable for a big team like Arsenal. BLD team and even the fans were no longer patient enough, and coach Unai Emery was fired shortly thereafter. The Spanish tactician could not win the trust of the students, and since then the Gunners have lost themselves all the time. Ljungberg became a temporary coach, and although his expertise may not be as good as Emery's, he is expected to bring positive changes to the team after the crisis.

Looking at Arsenal makes people depressed. Although the season has passed 13 rounds, Arsenal currently have only 18 points and 8th in the rankings, not only less than the top 4 to 8 points. In the context of the other competitors are playing stable, the instability of Arsenal makes people impatient. Ljungberg will begin his time in power with a trip to Norwich's yard. Arsenal's ability to play away is questioned as they have not won in all of the past 5 marches. However, facing only the team in the dangerous group is still considered a good opportunity for the London team to rediscover the feeling of winning.

Norwich City is 18th in the table with 10 points, less than 3 points. Since the surprise victory over Man City, Norwich have experienced 7 consecutive matches and draws only before losing to Everton in the march of the last round. However, just like the previous victory against Man City, Norwich's defeat against Everton is only considered a moment of sublimation. However, this also helps improve Norwich's fighting spirit, plus the home advantage, Norwich promises to cause quite a lot of difficulties for Arsenal in the next 90 minutes.

In the past, Arsenal dominated the confrontation achievement of the two teams when unbeaten in the last 6 times against Norwich, including up to 5 victories. It is also understandable because despite the instability of the form, but in terms of class, force and professional quality, Arsenal still outperforms the rookie team like Norwich. That is why Arsenal are on the Asian handicap 0.5-1 left in this confrontation although they have to play the visitors. It is not easy for Arsenal to win, but that scenario can happen when Arsenal has replaced generals. Arsenal have never craved a victory like this and can put their faith in Ljungberg and his students. Norwich is a better opportunity for Arsenal to show a different side of themselves after the last big change.

Not only in the dangerous group, Norwich is also the team that owns one of the two worst defense in the Premier League this season. Specifically, this team had to receive 28 goals after only 13 rounds have passed. The looseness in this team's defense manifests even when they play at home. On the other side, Arsenal's defenses are also not good with 19 goals conceded since the beginning of the season. With this situation, it is expected that both teams will bring a match of goals, which is the basis for believing in the match in the match tonight.