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The situation in the G-Europa League before the last round promises to be very dramatic. By this time the opportunity to go forward equally divided for all 4 names Rangers, Young Boys, Porto and Feyenoord. The distance between the teams is not much, so a single slip at this time also pay a heavy price. Rangers are now the most dominant name, as they only need 1 point to make sure the ticket goes on without caring about the remaining match. Of course, after what has been shown all this time, it is not a difficult task for the home team of Ibrox Stadium.

It looked like a 2-0 win over Porto would help Rangers secure the ticket to the next round, but the unfortunate 2-2 draw on Feynoord's field pushed them into a difficult position. Now after 5 matches played, the host won the top position with 8 points and only 1 point behind the group. With this result, Rangers only need to hold the Young Boys in the next match to be able to advance to the next round, but their goal is obviously 3 points to get the first place in the table. Rangers had lost to Young Boys in the previous meeting, although they were the ones who took the lead when the first half ended. Therefore, returning home this time Rangers will definitely want to reclaim this debt and win 3 points from the opponent. The only problem with Rangers right now, is in the Scottish National Championship, Steven Gerrard's men lost their top spot to Celtic after a 2-2 draw with Aberdeen. It can be seen that the recent performance of the home team is not really good, but in such a favorable situation as it is now, it's hard to believe if Rangers missed their golden opportunity,

Young Boys shot themselves in the leg with a loss at home against Porto. This resulted in them paying the price by losing their agency in the final round. By now, the guests ranked 3rd in the rankings and only 1 point below the top. However, the Young Boys are not playing really well in the last matches, specifically they have lost 2 matches in a row. Therefore, the trip to the home of Rangers is now considered a huge challenge for the guests. Especially when the away field is not a strong point for Young Boys, proving that they have won only 1/4 times away from home recently.