Serie A: AC Milan 1/12

AC Milan in the last round in Serie A has won encouraging results when holding a team against Napoli. However, experts did not appreciate the performance of the Milan team in San Siro last weekend. The reason is because Napoli is falling into a recession, coach Carlo Ancelotti no longer receives the support of the students.

It is interesting that AC Milan after 13 rounds in Serie A 2019/20 has just won 14 points, ranked 12th in the rankings. 3 consecutive matches, AC Milan did not know the smell of victory, including 2 defeats. When playing away, AC Milan increasingly difficult to receive the trust of the grave. In the last 4 away games, AC Milan have been defeated 3 times.

AC Milan's opponent in the upcoming match is Parma - the team last season was struggling to win relegation tickets. However, things have changed this season. After 13 games, Parma won 18 points, ranked 4 places above AC Milan. On the Asian odds ratio table, Parma even ranked No. 1 with 69.23% of the matches that brought joy to investors from the beginning of the season.

Parma have been unbeaten in 3 recent matches and won 4 of the previous 5 matches at home. The last match, Parma even beat AS Roma 2-0 with a convincing score of 2-0. In the previous 13 matches with a yard advantage, Parma won 11 matches in Asia.

AC Milan with a club name and a team with more famous stars certainly deserves to be ranked on top when facing Parma. But when the upcoming Asian match is only 1/4: 0, fans have clear reason to doubt the possibility of winning the upper team. Last season, as a guest of Parma, AC Milan accepted -3/4 in the same index.  

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