Serie A: AC Milan 8/12

At the moment, there are certain similarities between Bolgona and AC Milan.  On the odds table, Bologna is ranked 12th, while Milan is only one step higher and just a point more.  After a series of poor matches, Bologna had just won an important victory at Napoli, while AC Milan also defeated Parma on the opponent's court.

Obviously, it is difficult to find the winner, the loser in this match and in the betting market, the bookies are also very observant when listing this match at a draw to lose (0: 0).  Notably, this is the first time in the history of encounters between the two teams, this match appears, before Milan are the team that is considered the "upper door" with handicap from 1/4 to 1 draw. 

However, according to the experts, there are two reasons to believe that the scenario Milan will win.  Firstly, that is the quality of the squad.  Milan are in bad shape, but they own stars that can shine in time, while Bologna will be absent 3 extremely important players are Mitchell Dijks, Roberto Soriano (injury) and Gary Medel (  suspended).

Secondly, AC Milan is considered as one of the most envious opponents against Bologna.  The evidence is that from 2001 to now, through 28 times to face, Bologna has won only 4 victories and received 18 defeats.  Especially, from 2003 to the present time, Bolgona has never enjoyed the joy of winning against Milan when they were playing at home.

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