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Serie A: Inter Milan 21/12

Consecutively losing points in the last 2 rounds, Inter Milan was robbed of the first place with 3 points more by Juventus. But the Nerazzurri are still playing less than 1 match and Genoa's welcome here will be an opportunity for teachers and teachers Antonio Conte to level the gap. Of course, against a Genoa submerged in the red light group, there is no reason for Inter Milan not to have a strong victory to confirm its position.

After years of spending money on upgrading the squad but not really producing satisfactory results, Inter Milan found a solution with the appearance of Antonio Conte. It can be said that the presence of this strategist on the coaching bench of Inter Milan is changing this team in Serie A this season. At this time no one realized that an unstable and very busy Inter Milan had the capacity to attend the European playground. Instead it is a more stable Inter Milan, playing ball more smoothly and accurately. The failure to be in the knockout round Knock-out Champions League is a pity of coach Antonio Conte and his students. But in return, in the domestic league at the moment they are still fiercely competing with Juventus with 39 points after 16 rounds, the playground they aim to overthrow the defending champions this season.

Genoa had to embrace a 0-1 defeat against Sampdoria and this loss made them continue to stomp at the penultimate position in this year's Serie A rankings. Thus, there have been 7 matches in a row at the highest playground in Italy, Motta teachers and students have never tasted victory. Calculating in the total of 15 matches attended in all competitions, Genoa only brought 2 victories, the rest they lost to overwhelming 9 games. In particular, all 7 of the closest operations to Genoa were drawn and lost. Therefore, in the history of 15 visits to the home of Inter Milan, Genoa has never triumphed, it is really difficult for the visitors to have a point on the next trip.